Populo E-Assist



Comfort and Style are the two words you can use to describe our new Populo Lift Electric Bike. We wanted to create a bike that give the rider the upright position her or she desires, with sleek modern looks. The Populo Lift's step through frame design means it's easy to get on and off the bike. Simply sit down on the comfortable saddle, and enjoy the smooth ride from the front suspension. We wanted to make sure this bike stopped as good as it looked, so we included disc brakes. This means no matter how much stuff you have loaded on the rear rack, you can stop with confidence.

The Lift offers your two types of electric assist. You can select one of the 8 power assist modes and let the Populo Lift assist you as you pedal. Option two is using the Lift's throttle which allows you to simply twist it and go. So whatever kind of ride you are in the mood for the Populo Lift will assist you along your journey.

Whether you're 5 foot or 6 foot we have a Populo Lift that will fit you comfortably. The handlebars are easily adjusted to any rider height or preferred style. So if you're looking for that comfortable cruiser, or smooth grocery getter, the Populo Lift has you covered.